Samantha, Senior Engagement Manager


Burlington, VT

Educational Background

BA Public Policy, Brown University
MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Seeing live music, silkscreen printing, sewing, painting, and traveling

Before Keystone

I joined Keystone after receiving my MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to that, I was an analyst at a boutique strategy consulting firm in Greenwich and worked in the music industry.

Why Keystone

The thing that attracted me most to Keystone was the people. The diversity of backgrounds and experience makes everyday interaction an interesting and dynamic experience. I knew right away it was a place where I could grow, and it’s proved to be a great environment with constant intellectual stimulation.

My Experience

Since joining Keystone I’ve had the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects on both the expert and strategy side, including work with online services providers and patent litigation support for a major social networking site. Our focus on technology means our projects are always extremely relevant to current market trends and it’s clear to me we are making a difference for our clients. Like many people at Keystone, I have an entrepreneurial streak and plan to run my own company one day. Keystone is providing a great foundation which I’m sure I will draw on in the future.



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