Our Values

Genuine Insight

- Your work is genuine (honest, clear, and practical, no lingo, no slickness)
- You are concise and articulate (writing, speaking)
- You are known for candor and directness

Extraordinary Impact

- You relentlessly push to improve quality
- You regularly surprise people by exceeding expectations, and demonstrating commitment
- You take ownership so colleagues rely on you
- You focus on great results rather than on process
- You deliver practical recommendations


- You enthusiastically take on challenges you don’t have the resources to complete when you start
- You make tough decisions without agonizing
- You are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom; you’re courageous.
- You take smart risks
- You take responsibility for fixing problems , not just pointing them out

Thirst for Knowledge and Skills

- You are eager to learn and curious
- You seek to understand all of our practices, approaches, clients, and skills
- You contribute effectively outside of your specialty
- You’re not intimidated by any area of knowledge or expertise; you can learn anything
- You listen well, instead of reacting fast, so you can better understand


- You re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems
- You challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches
- You deliver unique recommendations to achieve goals more efficiently
- You apply past experiences and approaches to new problems in unusual ways


- You inspire others with your thirst for excellence
- You care intensely about Keystone's and your own success
- You celebrate wins
- You are tenacious , relentlessly pursuing hard to get data or results
- Your attitude motivates others


- You make wise decisions, despite ambiguity, regarding clients, teammates, projects, and the firm.
- You accept decisions once they’re made and support them.
- You question actions inconsistent with our values
- You only say things about colleagues that you would say to their face


- You avoid pretense
- You confidently describe your capabilities and relationships without bragging or name dropping
- You are quick to admit mistakes
- You react gracefully to feedback or to less humble people


- You seek what is best for Keystone and your team, not only what’s best for yourself
- You prioritize teamwork and collaboration
- You are ego-less when searching for the best ideas and non-political when you disagree
- You make time to help colleagues
- You share information openly and proactively


- You’re vigilant about the culture of the firm, its reputation, and the quality of the work we produce
- You act like you are “above the line” when issues arise – you treat every firm and team challenge as, in part, your own problem
- You proactively and constructively provide feedback on and contribute to the efforts of others when you see opportunities for improvement