Build your career with Keystone

Keystone fosters success for our Consultants by creating a non-hierarchical environment in which strategists and economists come together to generate thought-provoking analysis and actionable recommendations. We encourage team members to think creatively with data and maintain a collegiate workplace, in which knowledge is exchanged with the world’s best and brightest minds.

We develop our team members through training programs that provide them with a solid analytical foundation and the communication and management skills needed to succeed—as a Partner at Keystone or wherever their career paths may lead.

Economists at Keystone have Masters’ or PhD degrees in Economics.

  • Economists work on antitrust, IP matters and strategic issues at the forefront of economic thought, in rapidly evolving industries such as online advertising, software and biotechnology.


Strategists at Keystone include our Associates, Consultants, and Engagement Managers.

  • Associates are recent college graduates, recent Master’s or PhD recipients or professionals with less than three years of experience. Associates responsibilities include conducting qualitative and quantitative research, structuring the results of analyses, interviewing clients and relevant experts, and contributing to project recommendations.
  • Consultants have MBAs, are experienced PhDs or have at least three years of experience with a leading consulting firm. Consultant responsibilities include conducting analysis, supervising work streams, guiding Associates, structuring presentations, contributing to client recommendations and helping Partners manage client relationships.
  • Engagement Managers have experience managing project teams at top consulting firms. Engagement Managers oversee all aspects of our projects, including leading client relationships, setting project objectives, developing frameworks, structuring work assignments and managing teams.