Strategists work collaboratively to deliver actionable, data-driven recommendations

Strategists at Keystone include our AssociatesConsultants and Engagement Managers.

From the first day on the job, Strategists have a direct impact on Keystone’s projects, as they analyze data, create strategic recommendations, drive projects and develop client relationships.

As a rapidly growing company, we build upon the entrepreneurial DNA of our firm. We value creativity and critical thinking and we encourage new ideas to impact client work and drive Keystone’s overall growth.

Keystone team members work collaboratively in a flexible environment in which hierarchy is minimized and client interaction is maximized. In a typical day, a first-year Associate may be in a conference room brainstorming with a HBS Professor on a market-entry strategy, while across the office, an MBA and Economics PhD are white-boarding a unique approach for a proof point in an antitrust case.

At Keystone, we bring together needed skills to develop data-driven recommendations. We empower our Strategists to collaborate with individuals who have SAS, SQL and other database skills, and we structure our teams such that Strategists work side by side with world-class Econometricians to jointly develop recommendations that make an impact.

We deliver comprehensive training and provide resources for Strategists to develop skills to excel while at Keystone, and to succeed in future jobs beyond Keystone. Examples of our training programs include a custom-tailored onboarding program, group oriented semi-annual training and one-on-one informal mentoring

If you work for us, you work for Keystone—not a specific office, as we staff projects with Consultants from multiple offices. This allows you to work with more team members, and to work on a wide range of projects in many industries

We are continually looking for uniquely talented Strategists to join our team.