Franco Malerba


Full Professor of Industrial Economics
Director of Center for Research on Innovation and Internationalization (CESPRI)
Bocconi University

Franco Malerba is a professor of Industrial Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. His areas of expertise are the European computer and software industry, industrial economics, European public policy, and competition and industrial dynamics.

His research has been sponsored by global organizations, including the EC, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Italian Institute for International Trade and the ENEA (Italian agency for new technologies).
Professor Malerba is active in the field of industrial economics, and his leadership positions include President of EARIE (European Association for Research in Industrial Economics), member of the National Technology and Science Board, Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research. He is a director of CESPRI (Centre for Research on Innovation and Internationalization), a major European center for economic analysis of the high-tech industry.

He has authored numerous published articles on technological innovation, the evolution of the computer industry and product diversification. He is editor of a leading IO journal in Europe, Industrial and Corporate Change, the advisory editor of Research Policy, and the associate editor of Journal of Evolutionary Economics.

Professor Malerba holds an MS and a PhD in Economics from Yale University.


MS, Yale University
PhD Economics, Yale University

Areas of Expertise: