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Mark Glick


Mark Glick has over 20 years of experience as an economist, lawyer and expert witness. He is a professor of Antitrust Economics, and a Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Utah’s Department of Economics, and a former Adjunct Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Utah’s College of Law and College of Business.

Professor Glick has hands-on experience practicing law in the areas of antitrust and intellectual property and has served as an expert witness in numerous cases.

Professor Glick’s industrial organization research examines questions relevant to antitrust attorneys and practitioners. His work has also focused on the history of competition policy in the United States, welfare economics, relevant market analysis, aftermarkets and information, and other issues. His law and economics research focuses on forensic economics and economics, finance, and accounting in the courtroom.

Professor Glick is the author of many articles in the areas of intellectual property damages, antitrust economics and antitrust law. In 2004, he co-authored the book Intellectual Property-Guidelines and Analysis.


Market Definition and Concentration

Intellectual Property Damages