Internet Search Overview

The business of internet search has witnessed a series of game-changing events in its more than 15-year history. The internet, which consisted of roughly 30 million web pages in December of 1995, has grown into a behemoth today, with more than a trillion pages, plus an additional several billion new pages per day.

Present-day internet search platforms compete in a two-sided market for both consumers and advertisers. On one side, search platforms provide free algorithmic search results to attract consumers. On the other side, these same search platforms generate revenues by selling keyword advertisements on search engine result pages to advertisers.

Keystone’s deep industry knowledge of internet search is built upon analysis of unique data sets and primary market research. We apply this proprietary knowledge to help our clients develop overall strategies and partnership approaches. In recent projects, our teams have conducted ecosystem analysisdefined market segments, analyzed mergers and acquisitions, and created growth strategies.