Marketing analytics propel an average strategy to excellence

In today’s information economy, organizations have access to vast amounts of customer data, including surveys, focus groups, shopping patterns, online behavior and more. What differentiates successful organizations in such a data-rich environment is their ability to identify and synthesize the relevant information to develop actionable product and marketing strategies.

Measured marketing is one of the principal means by which an organization can apply this information to develop a unique market positioning. This data holds insights to the behaviors and preferences of the customer and is an input to explain past and predict future customer behavior. Marketing data’s explanatory and predictive power is typically quantified through advanced statistical and econometric analytical techniques. Using these techniques, marketers can improve their business by targeting the most desirable customer segments, attracting new customers or quantifying the impact of marketing campaigns on customer behavior.

Keystone’s Strategists and Econometricians couple expertise in advanced analytical techniques with business thought leadership to uncover hidden insights in marketing related data. In addition, our teams leverage well established research practices from Harvard Business School to conduct primary and secondary research on market dynamics, customer behavior and competitive trends. Recent projects include Customer Segmentation, Customer Loyalty, Driver Analysis and Campaign Effectiveness.