Online Advertising Overview

The Online Advertising industry is evolving rapidly. Platforms have quickly expanded from desktop to mobile, content has shifted from conventional to social, and ad targeting is driving from demographic to behavioral. As this market continues to evolve, it simultaneously offers opportunities for growth as well as consolidation among the participants. Publishers, advertisers, and those that provide the underlying services and technologies for the industry all face major strategic challenges in adapting to this environment.

Keystone has extensive industry knowledge of the online advertising industry. Our access to industry and technology experts enables us to identify emerging trends, while our extensive experience working across market segments has led to a unique ability to uncover the insights hidden in complex data sets. We analyze hard-to-get data to identify trends and opportunities and to advise clients on overall strategies and partnership approaches. In recent projects, our teams have conducted ecosystem analysisdefined market segmentsanalyzed mergers and acquisitions, and created growth strategies.