Strategic Integrity is the alignment of strategy and execution across an organization

Management research has examined the challenges that enterprises face in translating potential into impact. These studies reveal that organizations accumulate a kind of “inertia” over time—the routines that shape how organizations gets things done. These routines, which include incentives, structures and patterns of behavior, drive the “emergent” strategy of an organization. On the other end, detailed strategies from management—the “directed” strategy—attempt to direct a company from the top-down.

The interaction between emergent and directed strategies is the key to avoiding inertia and creating and implementing a successful strategy. Organizations with Strategic Integrity recognize the need for this alignment and utilize a participatory planning process that engages the full organization in the strategy development process.

Organizations accomplish Strategic Integrity through structured participation and experimentation and joining top-down direction with bottom-up insights. Strategic Integrity enables organizations to adapt to changing external conditions and create a fluid environment without losing their coherence of purpose. Organizations that display Strategic Integrity make demonstrably greater progress toward achieving their objectives, while reducing costs and increasing morale.

Keystone integrates the latest management thinking and builds upon Professor Marco Iansiti’s recent book, One Strategy, to support our clients at every step of the strategy development and execution process and the path to Strategic Integrity.