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  • Keystone Chairman and HBS Professor Marco Iansiti expands on why digital leaders post higher gross margins, profits, and revenue per employee than digital laggards in a new study entitled, “The Digital Business Divide: Analyzing the operating impact of digital transformation,” featured recently on
    Read the full story and access the study, here: cio-image
  •’s 2017 Top Ranked Consulting Firms: Keystone Strategy has been named to‘s 2017 Top Ranked Consulting Firms in North America with two top 10 placements for both innovation and internal mobility. Read more about Keystone Strategy here: vault-top-ranked
  • The CFO Leadership Council News:  Keystone’s own Director of Finance Julius Gloeckner is featured in the CFO Council News blog detailing why he thrives in Keystone’s entrepreneurial setting.  Read more about Julius Gloeckner and Keystone CFO Council Logo
  • Top 10 Boutique Strategy Consulting firm by IvyExec: Keystone has been ranked a Top 10 Boutique Strategy Consulting firm by IvyExec in their annual consulting firm rankings. Read more about Keystone  ivyexec_logo
  • Consulting Magazine Rising Star: Congratulations to Keystone’s Sam Price who was just named one of Consulting Magazine’s Rising Stars of the Profession for 2016. To read more about Sam and her work at Keystone, go to Consulting MagazineConsulting Mag Rising Star
  • Professor Iansiti releases One Strategy which analyzes how a management team tweaked and optimized the fine line between strategy and executionone-strategy
  • Professor Pisano wins the 2010 McKinsey Award for “Restoring American Competitiveness”

Keystone experts are thought leaders in their fields and are prolific writers on their findings. The experts create leading analytical frameworks for evaluating ecosystem strategy, innovation processes, IP evaluation, antitrust analysis and more. The research of our experts provides Keystone with unique access to large, cross-sectional studies of industry players. Please contact us to learn more about our experts' research.


Keystone Strategy’s Digital Transformation Focus and Entrepreneurial Flair

by Susanne Schneider, August 2015

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The History and Future of Operations

by Marco Iansiti
Harvard Business Review, June 30 2015
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Digital Ubiquity: How Connections, Sensors, and Data Are Revolutionizing Business

by Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani
Harvard Business Review, November 2014
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Best IT Certifications for 2014 and Beyond (series)

By Ed Tittel
Tom’s IT Pro, September 26, 2014

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Leading-Edge UTM: What C-Level Execs Need to Know

By Earl Follis and Ed Tittel
, May 13, 2014

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Increasing Storage Space on Boot/System SSDs for Mobile Devices

By Ed Tittel and Kim Lindros, Jun 18, 2014

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Ranking Certifications (2014 Edition)

by Ed Tittel
Pearson Certification, May 12, 2014

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SAM in the ITIL Lifecycle Vs. SAM in the ISO Model

By Ed Tittel
Tom’s IT Pro, July 3, 2013

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Definitive Illustrated Guide To ITIL

By Ed Tittel and Earl Follis
Tom’s IT Pro, July 29, 2013

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Search Neutrality and Search Bias – An Empirical Perspective on the Impact of Architecture and Labeling

by David A. Hyman and David J. Franklyn
May 8, 2013
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Stanford Economist Musters Big Data to Shape Web Future

By Aki Ito
June 26, 2013

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Trademarks as Keywords – Much Ado About Something?

by David J. Franklyn and David A. Hyman
April 12, 2013
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Consumer Protection in Online Discount Voucher Sales

by Benjamin Edelman and Paul Kominers
June 14, 2011
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Debunking Dilution Doctrine – Justifying the Anti-Free-Rider Principle in American Trademark Law

by David J. Franklyn
March, 2004
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Unlawful Advertisements Very Familiar to Google

by Benjamin Edelman
Huffington Post, May 19, 2011
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Remedies for Search Bias

by Benjamin Edelman
February 22, 2011
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In Accusing Microsoft, Google Doth Protest Too Much

by Benjamin Edelman
HBR Blogs, February 2011
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Measuring Bias in “Organic” Web Search

by Benjamin Edelman and Benjamin Lockwood
January 2011
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Hard-Coding Bias in Google “Algorithmic” Search Results

by Benjamin Edelman
November 15, 2010
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Plugging Privacy Leaks

by Hiawatha Bray
Boston Globe, July 10, 2010
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The Impact of Targeting Technology on Advertising Markets and Media Competition

by Susan Athey and Joshua Gans
American Economic Review, May 2010; and January 11, 2009 version
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Optimal Auction Design and Equilibrium Selection in Sponsored Search Auctions

by Benjamin Edelman and Michael Schwarz
American Economic Review, 100 no2, May 2010
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HBS Working Knowledge

by Marco Iansiti
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, March 22, 2010
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Microsoft Exec Writes “One Strategy” For Your Success

by Steven Sinofsky and Marco Iansiti
CNBC Guest Blog, March 19, 2010
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How to Manage Outside Innovation

by Karim Lakhani
MIT Sloan Management Review 50, no. 4, Summer 2009

Restoring American Competitiveness

by Gary P. Pisano and Willy C. Shih
Harvard Business Review, July-August 2009
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Skewed Bidding in Pay Per Action Auctions for Online Advertising

by Nikhil Agarwal, Susan Athey and David Yang
American Economic Review, May 2009
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Which Kind of Collaboration is Right for You? The New Leaders in Innovation will be those who figure out the best way to leverage a network of outsiders

by Gary P. Pisano and Roberto Verganti
Harvard Business Review, December 2008
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Intellectual Property, Architecture, and the Management of Technological Transitions: Evidence from Microsoft Corporation

by Alan MacCormack, John Alan David, and Marco Iansiti
Journal of Product Innovation Management

Getting Clear About Communities in Open Innovation

by Joel West and Karim Lakhani
Industry & Innovation 15, no. 2, April 2008

How to Capture Value from Innovation: Shaping Intellectual Property and Industry Architecture

by Gary P. Pisano, Teece, David J.
California Management Review, Fall 2007

Market Definition and Concentration: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

by Mark Glick
Antitrust Bulletin, Summer 2007

The Principles of Distributed Innovation

by Karim Lakhani and Jill A. Panetta
Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization 2, no. 3, Summer 2007

Getting Unusual Suspects to Solve R&D Puzzles

by Karim Lakhani and Lars Bo Jeppesen
Harvard Business Review, 85, no. 5, May 2007

Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second-Price Auction: Selling Billions of Dollars Worth of Keywords

by Benjamin Edelman, Michael Ostrovsky, and Michael Schwarz
American Economic Review, v.97(1), March 2007
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Strategic Bidder Behavior in Sponsored Search Auction

by Benjamin Edelman and Michael Ostrovsky
Decision Support Systems, v.43(1), February 2007
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Innovating Through Design

by Roberto Verganti
Harvard Business Review, December 2006

Organization Design and Effectiveness over the Innovation Life Cycle

by Westerman, George, F. Warren McFarlan, and Marco Iansiti
Organization Science, March-April 2006

Strategy As Ecology

by Marco Iansiti and Roy Levien
Harvard Business Review, March 01, 2004

The Incumbent’s Advantage

by Marco Iansiti, F. Warren. McFarlan, and George Westerman
Sloan Management Review, 2003

Managing the Sources of Uncertainty: Matching Process and Context in Software Development

by Alan MacCormack and Roberto Verganti
Journal of Product Innovation Management May 2003

The Winner’s Curse, Reserve Prices, and Endogenous Entry: Empirical Insights from eBay Auctions

by Patrick Bajari and Ali Hortaçsu
RAND Journal of Economics, 2003, 34(2), pp. 329-55.
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