Semiconductor Overview

The semiconductor industry has reached a critical phase where development and access to cutting-edge infrastructure and design and manufacturing IP is crucial. Rapidly rising costs for the development of lower nodes further increases pressure on fabs and requires maximum R&D and manufacturing efficiencies. Moreover, governments often subsidize investments due to the industry’s strategic importance and socioeconomic impact. To gain market share and stay ahead of competitors, it has never been more important for IDMs, design houses and foundries to select the best strategic partners and technologies.

Keystone Experts and Consultants have vast experience in the semiconductor industry and have extensive relationships with industry leaders across the value chain. The practice is led by Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and supported by PhD-trained semiconductor specialists and external industry experts. Keystone’s teams provide unique insights in projects involving semiconductor ecosystem developmentresearch strategyR&D effectiveness and node development, R&D center development, fab investments, acquisitions, intellectual property, government incentives and attraction of investors, socioeconomic impact evaluation and technology selection.