Software and Services Overview

The rapid growth of internet-based services has threatened traditional software applications. Often, these internet applications are developed by self-organizing communities that collaboratively produce and manage content through distributive computing networks. Many of these emerging internet-based platforms now serve as substitutes for client-based software and eliminate an application’s dependence on a client operating system. Both software and service companies must compete in this high growth, internet-centric environment.

Supported by Experts, including Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani of the Harvard Business School, Keystone teams have in-depth knowledge of traditional and internet software and services, and we work with clients to identify and develop long-term sustainable advantages. In recent projects, our teams have analyzed and mapped the competitive ecosystemdefined market segments, clarified the best opportunities for innovation, recommended partnerships and alliances strategies, and created corporate and business-unit strategies for the growth and long-term sustainability of market position.