your career path
With a drive to deliver, the path here leads to your success

1. Associate

Recent graduates and professionals beginning their careers, Associates work directly with senior team members and experts -- and independently -- to make a significant impact on client projects and deliverables.

2. Consultant / Economist

Recent MBAs, PhDs or with relevant work experience, they manage projects and evaluate complex data sets to develop transformative insights. They also establish relationships with external experts and drive key internal initiatives.

3. Engagement Manager / Senior Economist

With substantive work experience or academic expertise, they lead projects by nurturing external relationships, managing internal teams and making an extraordinary impact for clients. All while helping shape local office culture.

4. Principal

Rising from exceptional performance at Keystone, Principals shape project design and scope and develop high-functioning teams, including senior members. They drive key firm-wide initiatives including business development and nurturing our internal culture.

5. Partner

After demonstrating exceptional ability with client projects, internal development and doing great things, our path leads to Partner. They support teams to help them deliver their best work, develop firm leaders and guide our economics and culture.